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~ What About Bob? ~

A Little Bio About the Author of This Site

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"The extremely difficult I do right away. The impossible takes a bit longer"

Travel has always been a big thing in my life. That came from being an Air Force brat. I was very fortunate to have been exposed to extensive travel as a boy, and I very much enjoy seeing all the beautiful things available throughout the world.


This picture was taken on a trip to Aruba in 2007. I have scores of pictures taken in my RV travels all over western Canada. Having a wonderful lady by my side who loves the RV Lifestyle as much as I do is indeed a blessing.

Something I learned from my father at a very early age was "If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing right"

Once I became an adult end entered the working world, I held that concept and principle very close. I determined I was going to excel at everything I put my hand to.

I have always loved a challenge. And a challenge this RV Rebuild was!

My earliest introduction to anything related to home renovation was when I got a job with a drywall company in Penticton BC. I learned how to install gyproc, taping and filling and related parts of the industry. That soon got old for me, as I got tired of looking like a plaster cast at the end of the day. I moved on...

I got my start into the inner construction and working of RV's in 1974, when I got a job at Bendix Mobile Homes in Penticton BC. I worked the floor there, starting out working on the construction of the floors. I was fortunate to learn first hand how these mobile homes, or trailer houses as people call them, were designed and built. I later found that this knowledge would also be applied to the RV industry, as most of their workings and construction is the same. They are both homes on wheels and share many of the same designs.

This picture was taken on one of our many RV trips.

This one is onboard the ferry to Vancouver Island, with our RV down below on one of the vehicle decks.


We enjoy traveling together in our 32 foot Tango Travel Trailer. With a 12X3 slideout, it offers ample room for total comfort wherever we choose to roam.

Life is awesome!

After the gig at the trailer factory I became involved in the home renovation industry. Since I was a boy I was always fascinated with how things were built. I started out learning how to install aluminum siding and related products on homes, primarily in renovation. I did some new construction siding, but not a lot.

From there I began to diversify my skills, getting involved first with installing aluminum patio covers. I took off with this because they were fast, and I would see results in a day. I estimate I have installed over 2500 of them in my 46 years of working in this industry.

From there I branched out further into virtually all aspects of home renovation. I started installing specialty roofing products, aluminum shingles, rib roofing, regular shingles and more. I picked up framing and began building decks and stairs. My brother, a topnotch journeyman carpenter, taught me the right way to build stairs, and further gave me direction on building decks properly, and to last.  I started doing wood framed solariums and glass roofs. Cribbing and pouring concrete were added, doing sidewalks and steps.

I made every effort to add as many skills as possible until I could take on an manage full renovation projects, such as building additions on homes.

I further took on learning electrical, both automotive and home wiring. I taught myself how to do plumbing and  a lot more.

Something else I taught myself how to do was autobody repair and paint. When I crashed my first car while still living at home, my dad told me "You broke it, you fix it"  So I did. Fixing cars became a hobby of mine. I learned auto mechanics and was soon taking engines out of cars, tearing them down and rebuilding them. Having a mechanical aptitude, I found things like that super easy to do. I was richly blessed with the ability to do anything I put my mind to with my hands. I have always had the belief that if somebody put it together, I can take it apart, and if I can take it apart, I can study and learn how it works, and therefore fix it. 

On it goes until throughout my entire adult life I was building and fixing anything that came my way.

So when I bought the old Citation and discovered it was hopelessly in dire need of renewal, I looked at it and said

I can fix that, no problem.

Aside from a few construction pointers my brother gave me, I am completely self taught in all of the above.

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