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~ RV Trailer Rebuild ~

The Saga of the Rotten Old 1981 Citation 25' Travel Trailer Rebuild

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A project called:  "This Old Trailer"   All work performed by Bob (the Builder)

Site launched Aug 22, 2021

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"Never ever be afraid to try something! One success contains 1000 failures"

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It all began when my recently fixed up old 69 Prowler was totaled on its maiden voyage. 

I found this old heap on Craigslist, and bought it as a replacement. I knew it had a little rot, but did not realize it was rotten from one end to the other.

I did, however, spend one night in it on Vancouver Island working out of town, and soon learned that it was in dire need of major repairs. It rained that night, I mean it RAINED! And one of the worst leaks was right over my bed. Oh joy, didn't get much sleep that night.... I dragged it home, and decided to undertake repairing it. Had I known then what I know now, I would have towed it to the dump and left it there.


These are the only 2 pictures I have of it prior to starting the rebuild.

I would like to dedicate this site to all fellow RV enthusiasts, but very specifically to all the wonderful friends on RV.Net.

The RV.Net site has been a wonderful source of inspiration on so many levels since I joined in December 2003. They are My RV Family. When I was so exasperated with the staggering project I got myself into that I wanted to push it into the street and set fire to it, I would go to RV.Net and read many of the rebuild threads and follow them through. It gave me hope and the incentive to forge on, keep going and not quit. One in particular is a motorhome rebuild by Clubmaxx that inspired me more than anything. I read and studied it dozens of times. I wish he was still a member.

I can only hope that the content here will help others in their quest to effect their own repair or rebuild on their RV of choice..

I thank you all.

  • These pages of pictures and descriptions show a progression from starting to take it apart and discovering more rot to hopefully one day the completed project.

  • The whole thing started out as a leaky roof repair and to fix a soft spot in the bathroom floor. I got carried away.....

  • This entire project was done in my driveway in a residential neighborhood in Surrey BC. It rains there..... Sorry neighbors!

  • I welcome any comments or suggestions you may have. (Or the name of a good shrink!!)

Had I known that I would wind up dismantling the entire trailer when I started, I would have left the roof and ceiling repair for the last item instead of the first.  You may notice that some pics appear out of order. They are, because I had no intention of doing a total rebuild. It wasn't until I got so deep into it that I couldn't quit that I realized I have to completely overhaul the entire thing.

~~The Plan: ~~


  • The plan here is to offer assistance to RV enthusiasts like myself who may not be able to just go out and buy a nice fancy newer rig.

  • Many of us live by modest means, and have to repair or rebuild our presently owned rigs, rather than replace them.

  • That was me around 2003 when I totaled my recently fixed up old 69 Prowler. I found myself in need of another RV trailer, and didn't have a lot of money to spend. In haste, I purchased the old Citation that was in desperate need of major repairs. This website will take you on a journey of a total rebuild, pictures and explanations of every stage of the repair, and how I did it.

  • The hope here is that I can assist anyone who may want to undertake their own RV structural repair or rebuild.

  • There is a place to comment below, and contact me for personalized assistance in the Contact page.

  • I had a website up a lot of years ago with the same project, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I took it down in about 2009 or so.


So why don't you join me here on the journey through taking a hopelessly rotten old heap of an RV, and breathing some new life into it!

First up, Evaluation. Lets have a look at how bad this old pig is...

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